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Diet Plan & Recipes


Early Morning : 1 tsp of flax seeds
Morning Tea : Weak tea with 2 Marie biscuits
Breakfast : 1 stuffed chapatti with ½ cup of low fat curd/ 1 cup of oat meal and 1 apple
Mid-Morning : 1 cup sprouts
Lunch : 1 cup loia/Rajma/chana/soya, 2 thin chapattis/1 cup vegetable raitha
Evening Tea : 1 cup mixed fruit yogurt with 2 walnuts
Late Evening : 1 cup vegetable juice
Dinner : 70-100gms of fish curry/any whole pulse/2 thin chapattis/1/2 cup of vegetale/1 cup of salad
Sleeping time : 1 fruit./1/2 cup of low fat milk.


Helpful Foods for a patient of Osteoporosis

» Eat plenty of foods rich in Ca and Vit-D,good sources of which are roccoli,green leafy vegetales,soy eans,wheat germ,salmon,sardines(with ones),shrimp and tofu.
» Include low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese and enhance the diet with Ca-fortified juices and cereals.
» Include onions, garlic, eggs in your diet as these foods contain sulfur, which is needed for healthy foods.
» Soy foods are helpful as they are rich in phytoestrogens, which may help substitute the loss of estrogen in women entering menopause.


Foods to Avoid

» Certain foods can interfere with Ca asorption, consuming excessive protein, sodium and caffeine will increase urinary excretion of Ca.
» Foods rich in oxalates(spinach,eetgreens),ind the Ca .
» According to National Osteoporosis foundation, its est to consume any foods with oxalates and phytates at least an hour before or two hour after eating Ca rich foods.
» Avoid sugar and salt and limit the amount of citrus fruits and tomatoes as these foods may inhibit calcium uptake.


Early Morning : 1 cup fresh vegetable juice/pineapple juice
Breakfast : 1 stuffed chapatti (stuffing with methi or any other green leafy vegetable),1/2 cup low fat curd/ 1cup
vegetable dalia/ 1cup oat meal.
Mid-Morning : 1 orange/100-150gms papaya/1 banana
Lunch : 1 cup soybean dal,2 thin chapatti,1 cup vegetale salad,1cup green leafy vegetable
Mid-Afternoon : 4 soaked almonds
Evening Tea : 1 cup sprouted chat with lime juice
Dinner : 1 cup dal,1 cup tori/lowki vegetale,1 cup salad,2 thin chapattis.
Sleeping time : 1 walnut


Foods to avoid

» Fried foods and aked foods.
» Intake of dairy products is also restricted.
» Egg plant completely restricted.
» Avoid too much food which has excess of starch.
» Avoid spicy foods and gas forming foods like ladyfinger, cauliflower, potatoes.
» Too much of tea and coffee.


Foods that help to provide respite from pain in arthritis

» All fruits which are high in Vit-C
» Include fish and grains in good quantity.
» Include sources of Vit-E.
» Spices and hers like cumin, ginger, asfoetida, garlic,fennel,and turmeric are also beneficial.
» Balance foods eaten with physical activity.