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'Covid Awareness Camps' in Delhi NCR 2020 - 2021

AFI Organized camps for to create awareness and educate people from low socioeconomic class , about the seriousness of COVID 19 pandemic & 'Covid Appropriate Behaviour' .
The activity , spanning April 2020 to June 2021 , multiple camps were organized in urban slum areas where along with education material , sanitizer, mask & medicines like vitamin C , Vitamin D & Zinc was distributed by AFI volunteers.


Dr. Sushil Sharma Addresses 'Ortho Meet' in China

Dr. Sushil Sharma (Chairman Arthritis Foundation of India) speaking , as a faculty in China, Changzhou international trauma forum , on proximal femur fractures ( upper thigh) , his experiences & ' Best treatment strategy '


AFI, organized program on Arthritis awareness for railway Employees ,recreate a right perception of the disease & and dispel the misconceptions amongst them .They were given a ’ know how’ information about various types of arthritis & Tips to keep fit by Dr. Amit Agarwal.


Interactive discussion on Arthritis & its Management

AFI Organized an ‘Interactive discussion on Arthritis & its Management’ on Sunday 17 march 2019 6pm at club house exotica Dreamville Noida Extention Sec 16 C Noida Ext. Hundreds of sr. Citizens participated & discussed their problems With Dr. Sushil Sharma chairman AFI & Sr. Ortho Surgeon. This was . part.Of awareness drive of AFI in Delhi NCR.

Scientific forum on Joint Preservation

AFI Organized “Scientific forum on Joint Preservation” on 10th March 2019 Sunday 10am at Hotel Shangrila Delhi . Despite being a Sunday morning good number of orthopedists came enthusiastically to be a part of rich academic feast . The Moderator Dr. Sushil Sharma, Chairman, AFI was accompanied by distinguished Speakers in the field of orthopedics, Dr. Deepak Chaudhry ,( Former HOD Surgery Sports injury Centre) , Dr. Prateek Gupta ,Sr. Consultant (Sir Gangaram hospital ), Dr. Raju Eswaran ,Sr. consultant (Fortis Hospital ),Dr .I.P.S. Oberoi, Sr. Consultant (Artemis Gurgoan) ,Dr. Shekar Shrivastava ,Sr. Consultant ( Sant Pramanand Hospital). The fruitful & live wire discussions on ‘ Joint preservation & Viscosupplementation’ definitely benefited all.


Zee news invited

Dr Sushil Sharma ( chairman , Arthritis Foundation of India ) to highlight harmful effects of heavy school bags , on spine of growing children. It was a long standing demand of Arthritis Foundation of India & some other NGOs that the weight of school bags should be reduced . Finally government issued the directive restricting the weight up to 5 kgs maximum in senior most classes and not more than 1.5 for nursery classes, other age groups falling inbetween . Of course we 'Cheer' this much needed step taken by the government.


The program on Arthritis ,its perception & misconceptions amongst people was organized at PRESS CLUB OF INDIA Delhi, about 500 member that included Sr.& Eminent journalist from visual, Print and digital media participated. It was our honors to answer quires of these journalist to satisfaction . The participants were given a complete ‘ know how’ / information about various types of arthritis & tips to keep fit by Dr. Sushil Sharma, senior orthopedic surgeon & Chairman Of Arthritis Foundation of India.
Knee joint function of more than 150 member was assessed by the medical team of AFI .


AFI in Collaboration with Prominent senior citizens organizations in east Delhi, organized On 14 July 2018,

a program on Arthritis ,its perception & and misconceptions amongst people. About 300 senior citizen participated & were given a complete ’ know how’ information about various types of arthritis & Tips to keep fit by Dr. Sushil Sharma, senior orthopedic surgeon & Chairman Of Arthritis Foundation of India
Knee joint function of about 100 sr citizens was assessed by the medical team of AFI .

An Epidemiological Study Release –“OA knees & its association with risk factors”

It is a matter of great delight that Dr. Sushil Sharma , Sr. Consultant orthopedics , Kailash Hospital & Chairman Arthritis Foundation of India has released an Epidemiological study on –“OA knees & its association with risk factors” in which 600 patients were analysed. The Study was released on 25 /5/17 at Constitution Club of India, New Delhi by Prof. Rajesh Malhotra, HOD Ortho AIIMS & President Elect Indian Ortho assoc., Prof. Mukesh Kalra HOD Ortho Lady Hardinge MC & president Delhi Ortho Assoc & Prof. Shishir Rastogi Ex- AIIMS. . The event was widely covered by media & was thoroughly appreciated.

A Book Launch ‘Bones & Breaks- Total Orthopedic Solutions’

It is a matter of great delight that Dr. Sushil Sharma , Sr. Consultant orthopedics , Kailash Hospital & Chairman Arthritis Foundation of India has authored a book ‘Bones & Breaks- Total Orthopedic Solutions’ for the education & awareness of curious citizens & general practitioners. The book was launched on 25 /5/17 at Constitution Club of India, New Delhi by Prof. Rajesh Malhotra, HOD Ortho AIIMS & President Elect Indian Ortho assoc., Prof. Mukesh Kalra HOD Ortho Lady Hardinge MC & president Delhi Ortho Assoc & Prof. Shishir Rastogi Ex- AIIMS. The event was widely covered by media & was thoroughly appreciated.

Intergraded Bone & joint health program’ in Noida Feb-2016

As a Part of the ongoing drive in the Noida, ‘Intergraded Bone & joint health program’ was was organized in Srijan Appt, Sec 62 Noida by Arthritis Foundation of India (AFI). The main components were Free BMD checkup, Ortho Advice, physiotherapy demo, Literature distribution, Educational films on Osteoporosis & discounted Medicines. The camp was figured about 80 % had low BMD and more than 71% were suffering with one or the other form of Arthritis & Osteoporosis. Lack of calcium intake & women were highly suffered from Osteoporosis & Osteomalacia.

Dr. Sushil Sharma chairman AFI CO chaired plenary session IOF WWC at Athens , Greece

Dr. Sushil Sharma got the honor to Co-Chair the plenary session at International Osteoporosi Foundation world congress in Athens , Greece to Sep-2015. This world congress is the larged gathering of representatives from more than 200 organizations from 125 countries around the world, working in the field of ‘Osteoporosis’.

Arthritis Foundation Of India’s awareness campaign aired on Radio City & Big FM in Sep 2015

Arthritis Foundation Of India has rolled out its new campaign in public interest on Arthritis awareness. Radio city & Big Fm have kindly consented to be our partners in spreading this message. The message will be aired several times a day for a fortnight. The campaign highlight is ‘Viscosupplementation’ as a treatment option in moderate Osteoarthritis of knee to reduce the handicap & prevent further deterioration of knee joints.

Dr. Sushil Sharma at ‘Radio City’ recording studio

AFI mobile app :MY BONES’ Launch Aug-2015

We are happy to inform you that AFI has launched its mobile app ' MY BONES' for android users on Bone & joint Day 4th Aug 2015. Thanks to Kinedex for supporting the occasion. The app was highly appreciated by media persons, press coverage is attached present on the occasion were Prof. Shishir Rastogi (AIIMS) , Dr. Sushil Sharma Sr. Ortho Surgeon & chairman AFI, Dr. Atul kakar ( Sr. Consultant Sir Ganga Ram Hospital) & Dr. Amit Nath Mishra (Apollo).
Please visit the app - Download free from google play store.

AFI CME on Current concepts about Management of Osteoarthritis July 2015

Arthritis Foundation of India has recently launched a CME program on \' Current concepts About Management of Osteoarthritis’; in this series the first CME was organized at hotel Taj Palace Delhi on 4th July 2015. The program was well attended by Ortho Surgeons, there were three presentations 15 min each by Prof Dr.. Rajesh Malhotra (Ortho, AIIMS) , prof. Dr. C.S.Yadav ( Ortho AIIMS) & Dr. Sushil Sharma (Sr. Ortho Surgeon & Chairman AFI) , followed by discussion.
The program Coordinator was Medwiz Healthcare & was supported by Kinedex Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

AFI Satellite Symposium on Pain Expert Forum Chennai 2015

'Arthritis Foundation of India; held a Satellite Symposium ' from Chennai linking 49 cities in India on the issue consensus on 'Judicious use of Non Steroidal anti inflammatory Drugs' in medical practice following the meeting of multidisciplinary ' Pain Expert Forum' in Mumbai last month. Programme was very successful. And more than 5000 doctors from different disciplines participated in it. They posed many questions to AFI panel of doctors, leading to a very enlightening discussion on the issue. Novartis India was pretty impressed with the programme and has published 10,000 booklets of the 'Guidelines' to be distributed to docs in different cities.



Dr. Sushil Sharma along with the expert group
A meeting of expert advisory group from various faculties was organized in Mumbai with support of indigene life system and Novartis India Limited to create a consensus report on the use of non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDS) mostly used for reducing pain. The detailed scientific report will help the physicians all over the country to rationally use NSAIDS and minimize the side effect. This was followed by very well attend website symposium in Chennai. AFI also had session on this at IOA annual conference at Hyderabad.


AFI Question Answer session on joint replacement Noida April 2014

Dr. Sushil Sharma Chairman AFI delivering a guest lecture ( on invitation) at a club of sr. IAS ,IPS, & sr. servicemen in Noida on 'Arthritis & Joint Replacement' April 2014

AFI launched a “Brown Ribbon Campaign “in Mamura village on WOD-2013

AFI with support of Projects & Development India Limited (PDIL)a PSU has launched a fresh campaign called “Brown Ribbon Campaign“in the villages of Noida in order to reduce the burden of Bone & Joint ailments. The inaugural event was organized on World Osteoporosis Day 20 Oct at Mamura village Sec 66 Noida where hundreds of Villagers attended the program. Dr. Sushil Sharma Sr. Ortho Surgeon, kailash Hospital Noida and Chairman AFI said that program components are innovative & comprehensive- New highlight Nukkad natak for education which attracted hundreds of people in crowds bazaars , Bone Mineral Density test (BMD), On site Orthopaedic Advice , Physiotherapy demonstration , nutritionist guidance , easy literature , Audio Visuals , free medicines & training of village Bone heath worker. The program was also attended by Sr. IAS Officer & Chairman PDIL Dr.M.Ravikant. The Brown Ribbon Campaign will go on in different villages of Noida in coming year. Dr. Sushil Sharma stressed the fact that less than 30% awareness about osteoporosis & arthritis in Delhi/NCR is a major cause of worry & a structured national Program is need of the Hour for healthy life of citizens.

AFI & Partners in Change (PIC) organized Preventive Mission for Bone & Joint health Program in Kalyan Puri

As a Part of the ongoing drive in the low socioeconomic areas of Delhi/NCR Preventive Mission for Bone & Joint Health Program was organized in Kalyan Puri on 23rd March 2013 by AFI PIC. The features were Free BMD checkup, Ortho Advice, physiotherapy demo, Literature distribution, Educational films on Osteoporosis & free Medicines. The Drive is getting extremely positive response.

Preventive Mission for Bone & Joint Health

Dismal status of Bone Health observed at a mega Preventive Mission for bone health Program organized in low socio economic area Suiwalan Chowk, Matiya Mahal, Delhi-110006. In this program Dr. Akshay Saxena & Dr. A.K. Shiddiqui Observed a very dismal level of information about all the diseases concerning bone & joint. The attendees were given important preventive tips, early diagnosis by thorough screening and were treated for various bone diseases. The program was attended by more than 300 people on 09-March-2013. More than 70% of the attendees had low BMD and more than 50% were suffering with one or the other form of Arthritis. The percentage of Osteoporotic patients may be high on account of:
1. Ethnic clothing (Burkhas)
2. High multi stories housing leading to ghettoization and so lack of sunlight.
They were all ignorant about the future complications of the disease. Physiotherapist who demonstrated the exercise to all these people found out that they had no idea what so ever about keeping their Bone & joint healthy.
The alarming finding was that the dietitian discovered that 90% people had no idea about the healthy food habits. They were counseled by her in group. The other highlights were film shows on Osteoporosis & Arthritis awareness, literature distribution on Bone Health and free medicine distribution for patients.

AFI Integrated Bone Health Program at “Yamaha Motors , Noida”

AFI organized a free Integrated Bone Health Program (IBHP) in “ Yamaha motors Pvt Ltd Plant “, Greater. Noida on 22th, January 2013. The features were Free BMD checkup, Ortho Advice, film shows (About Arthritis, osteoporosis & other bone ailments) and physiotherapy demo & carry home informative literature distribution. The participants included labour, technicians, foremen, fitters, & shop floors workers. The free medicines were also distributed courtesy Ranbaxy Division .There was a large turnout at the event..

AFI Integrated Bone Health Program in Khichri Pur Village

As a Part of the ongoing drive in the urbanized villages of Delhi –NCR integrated Bone Health Program was organized in Khichripur Village on 9th Sep 2012. Special Thanks to Mr. Devender Kumar MCD counselor Shahdra South Zone in terms of Logistics. The features were Free BMD checkup, Ortho Advice, physiotherapy demo, Literature distribution. The Drive is getting extremely positive response.


AFI Study showcased at Berlin

Two of the AFI Epidemiological studies about Sr. Citizens activity and comprehensive Osteoporosis management were showcased by Dr. Sushil Sharma at Fragility Fracture Network Global Congress Berlin, Germany in September 2012.

AFI Press Conference about the study on Restriced Activity of Sr. Citizens

AFI did a Epediomeological study on ”Restrcied Activity of Sr. Citizens Staying on 2nd floor and above of non lift operating bulidings in Delhi/NCR” . Press Confrence in this regards was held in IMA Hall Delhi on 10th May 2012. The conferdence was addressed by
Dr. Sushil Sharma, Sr. Ortho Surgeon & Chairman AFI
Prof. P.K.Dave (Former Director AIIMS) Patron AFI
Prof Shishir Rastogi (AIIMS) Advisor AFI
The conference was well attended by journoulist both visual and print media.A few leading ones being The Times Of India, Hindutan Times, The Statesman, Dainik Jagran, Sahara Samay, Aaj Tak, Headlines Today, P7 News, ETV, The Indian Express, Deccan Herald, Nai Dunia etc.
The study got a good coverage in Newspapers and TV. Attached are a few Photographs & some Newspaper Cuttings from the events.

AFI undertakes study on “Restricted Activity on Sr. Citizens in Delhi/NCR”

AFi did a Epediomeological study on ”Restrcied Activity of Sr. Citizens Staying on 2nd floor and above of non lift operating bulidings in Delhi/NCR” . As per the study, only 8% of the elderly population reported enjoying a good health without suffering any major problems and 85% of the respondents reported suffering different kinds of problems related to bones and joints. An extremely depressing revelation was that 10% of the respondents were not in a position to walk to the Ground Floor/Surface at all. Just 56% persons between the age group of 60-65 are able to come down thrice and only 37% among 66+ age group category could do so.. Further, almost 60% respondents were not able to manage personal cleanliness while 84% are not fit enough to travel alone.


AFI Integrated Bone Health Program covered by AajTak

AFI organized a free Integrated Bone Health Program (IBHP) in the Alipur village on 11th, March 2012. The features were Free BMD checkup, Ortho Advice, film shows and physiotherapy demo. The additional highlight was Tele/mobile bone health facility for complicated cases, in this particular program on the spot Ortho Surgeon discussed the cases with senior consultants Prof.Shishir Rastogi(AIIMS)and Dr. Sushil Sharma. The free medicines were also distributed courtesy Ranbaxy Volini Division .There was a large turnout at the event and was covered by a leading news channel AajTak.


Arthritis Foundation of India (AFI) Designs a CME Module on Osteoporosis for General Practitioners

As a part of continues medical education (CME) book “DEFEAT OSTEOPOROSIS” authored by Dr.Sushil Sharma, Chairman AFI, presented to select few hundred general practitioners of Delhi-NCR region. The Endeavor was supported by Cipla & D.R.Jones pharma.


AFI marks its presence at Indian Orthopedic Association conference

AFI has demanded a ‘National Programme on Bone & Joint Health’ from Govt. of India . In the recently organized Indian Orthopedic Association conference 500 doctors signed the memorandum in support Of the demand


As a part of its awareness campaign ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION OF INDIA Volunteers distributed information literature at AWA Mela 2011, American Embassy School. People took lot of interest & inquired about the organization & its activities.


Integrated Bone Health Programme with Tele Conferencing

AFI organized a “Integrated bone Health program with Tele conferencing “at Riverview near Chilla Village. Apart from the features like free BMD checkup, Ortho surgeon guidance, physiotherapist demo, the difficult cases were discussed by a senior consultant on the other end (Dr.Sushil Sharma in this case) through teleconferencing. Audio of which was heard by all attending the camp. The pilot was helpful and successful for patients. We plan to take it on a larger scale in distant and remote areas like villages/urbanized villages.


Bikanerwala embraces Integrated Bone Health Programe as part of their employee’s welfare scheme

AFI organized Integrated Bone Health Programme for the employees of Bikanerwala, The famous chain of Indian Sweet Mart. They undertook this programme as part of their social responsibility and employee’s welfare scheme.
The employees were very satisfied & showed a lot of enthusiasm and active participation. The bone health checkup revealed startling results with more than 50% employees showing weak bones.
The programme included:
• Bone mineral densitometry test
• Orthopedic specialist advise
• Nutritionist - advises the right diet for arthritis & osteoporosis patients
• Physiotherapist – Group demonstration of exercises to avoid problems like arthritis, spondylitis, and backache due to the working conditions.
• Interesting film shows on bone health
• Distribution of patient education literature


Bone Health for Senior citizens

Dr. Sushil Sharma, Chairman, AFI was invited to address the gathering of senior citizens in one of the prominent East Delhi community centers. He gave a talk on arthritis and osteoporosis with interesting presentation. He also answered queries and interacted with the members.


Indian Oil adopts AFI’s “Integrated Bone Health Programme” as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility

We are delighted to for successfully organizing the pilot of 'Integrated Bone Health Program' at Indian Oil Refinery, Panipat on 11th of March 2011. Mr S.N. Choudhary, Director Indian Oil refinery Panipat , inaugurated the camp and undertook the BMD test, orthopedic advice & consultation, Nutritionist guidance and physiotherapy session for strong bones. We have evaluated and analyzed the feedback given by the employees & their families and concluded that people were really happy with the concept of 'Integrated Bone Health Program’. Ninety nine percent respondents have rated the event either as very good or excellent on the feedback form & demanded for repeat programmes for employees as well as for local community/township.
The programme included:
• Bone mineral densitometry test
• Orthopedic specialist advise
• Nutritionist - advises the right diet for arthritis & osteoporosis patients
• Physiotherapist – Group demonstration of exercises to avoid problems like arthritis,spondalitis, and backache due to the working conditions.
• Interesting film shows on bone health

AFI team at the Indian Oil refinery hospital

Mr SN Choudhary inaugurating the camp

Physiotherapist demonstrates excercises

BMD of the employees being done              

Orthopaedic doctor  advising patient

Nutritionist Advice

Indian Oil employees waiting for their turn at the  programme

"Strong Bones Great Women" World Osteoporosis Day 2010

Arthritis Foundation of India Trust (AFI) successfully organized a conference in Mumbai with the theme ‘Strong Bones -Great Women’ on 19th October, 2010 to mark the ‘World Osteoporosis Day, 2010’.Celebrity and accomplished women leaders from various fields were invited to address the conference for a powerful message to general masses These speakers endorsed a resolution about osteoporosis & the great challenge it posses in women. This event has highlighted the issue of Osteoporosis, specially in women & created an impact in the society and hopefully in the government circles, so that they can devise a health policy to combat the menace. The event was very innovative in its concept and a similar event was held in Delhi in 2007
The gathering was addressed by
1. Judy Stenmark - COO, International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF)
2. Varsha Gaikwad - Minister of State for Medical, Higher & Technical Education, Maharashtra
3. Rohini Hattangadi - Noted Film Actor
4. Karnam Malleswari - Weightlifter, Olympic Medalist
5. Indu Sahani – Sheriff of Mumbai
6. Dr.Kiran Coelho – HOD, Senior & Renowned Gynecologist
7. Naini Setalwad - Accomplished Nutritionist
The event was a great success & has been carried by print and electronic media to name a few CNN-IBN, AajTak, DD News, DD Sanyadri, Times of India, Lokmat, Afternoon News, Samana etc.

AFI celebrates world Osteoporosis Week Oct 2010- In Mumbai & Bangalore Organizes Integrated Bone Health Camps

Bangalore Activity
Mumbai Activity

AFI celebrated World Osteoporosis Week 2010 by organizing bone health camps in Mumbai and Bangalore Malls. At the camp site Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD) test was done along with the orthopedic specialist and nutritionist advice. A very creative quiz competition was organized and attractive gifts along with packaged UHT milk was given away as prizes for easy understanding of significance and role of milk in strong bones.

AFI launched “Strong Bones, Solid Kids” school programme in April, 2010 in Delhi. The programme is designed for children between4-10 yrs of age, where by the children were told about their bones and how Calcium and Vitamin D can make them strong. The message was communicated by an interesting presentation and puppet show. After a great launch in Delhi, the programme will roll on to nine cities across India.
Senior Orthopedic Surgeons Answering The Questionnaire
AFI has conducted a Survey on Second fracture in which 400 senior orthopedic surgeons of India have shared their clinical experience about the choices & difficulties they face while managing Osteoporotic fractures. The survey is an eye opener and gives a clear cut insight into the obstacles and hurdles the Doctors face while treating Osteoporosis.This Survey will be Basis for AFI’s New National Campaign for orthopedic surgeons:

Fix the Fracture, Don’t Forget Osteoporosis”

AFI’s on going Country Wide Campaign on Arthritis in form of "Walk Meets" was launched at Dehradun. Dr. Sushil Sharma, Chairman- AFI, Ms. Shulbha Deshpande, Brand Ambassador for Arthritis and a panel of eminent orthopedic specialists addressed the meet. At the meet hundred's of sufferers interacted and got councilling from the panel.
AFI organized Bone health education cum awareness camp at “HCL Technologies”, Noida on 16th April, 2010 for Executives. The camp stressed on the need for the executives to take up their timely ‘Bone health check ups’ and also encouraged their employees to take care of bone health of their families.(Work-place program)
AFI demanded Information under the RTI act. At the culmination of Bone & joint Decade i.e. 2000-2010, to our disappointment GOI could not furnish any information and perspective vision about Bone and Joint issues. The News was carried by Aaj Tak news channel and some News papers.


School Programme on Bone Health

AFI launched “Bone Health” in school programme on 26-11-2009 at Guru Harkrishan Public School, Purana Quila Road, India Gate 1, Delhi. The unique programme teaches the children the importance of Calcium and Vitamin D in daily diet to develop adequate ‘Peak Bone Mass’. So they do not suffer from weakness of bones at a later age. There was an interesting exhibition, engaging presentation by a nutritionist, film show & Bone Health quiz competition in which AFI Bone Health T -shirts were won by the children. There was a great participation & interest shown by the children


AFI released Osteoporosis update Booklet

AFI released Osteoporosis update booklets for doctors across India on World Osteoporosis Day, 20th October 2009. Dr. Sushil Sharma, chairman ,AFI and Dr. Shishir Rastogi ,professor, AIIMS released the book on Doordarshan programme “Evening Live Show”. About 6000 copies of this booklet will be distributed to specialist doctors across India as a part of AFI’s CME programme.


Road Shows on Osteoporosis awareness

AFI organized ‘Road shows’ on Osteoporosis awareness for public on 20th Oct 2009. The Road Shows were mainly organized in Delhi and neighboring cities. The response was overwhelming. The canter was equipped with ‘on the spot’ BMD test, literature distribution & doctor’s guidance. Interesting interaction was done with the assembled crowd in form of a quiz, and token gifts were distributed. The programme was carried by print & visual media.
Osteoporosis update booklets for doctors were released in a live programme on the national television channel (run by the government) by our chairman, Dr. Sushil Sharma. Six thousands of these booklets will be distributed to qualified doctors across India.

Demand for a National Program on Bone Health from Health Minister Govt. of India on World Osteoporosis Day 2008.

On World Osteoporosis Day i.e. 20th October 2008, AFI demanded a National Program on Bone Health from the Health Minister, Govt. of India in a crowded press conference. The Memorandum was signed by more than 4000 people across the country. Few significant among them being Chief Minister, Jammu & Kashmir, Mr. Gulam Nabi Azad, Crrickters Ishaant Sharma, Virender Sehwag, Actors Naseerudin Shah, Anupam Kher, Neha Dhupia etc.


Walk` Campaign on Arthritis

AFI is running a public awareness campaign on arthritis for last three months in city of Bangalore. General public is being made aware about various types, symptoms and treatment options available in arthritis. Senior AFI doctor’s are answering queries of general public in the Walk meet.


Women Leaders Bone Health Initiative

AFI organized a “Women Leaders Bone Health Initiative” on 28th September 2007 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, where eminent women of society from various walks of life like medicine law, administration, police, art drama, literature, sports will passed a resolution about osteoporosis & the great challenge it posses in women. This resolution will impress upon the people especially the millions of women, Govt. of India, State Govts., policy makers & the media that how important it is to fight osteoporosis in women. It will also help in propelling the health policy in right direction. The event was extremely innovative in its concept & method to sensitize the women of India regarding bone health .It also highlighted the huge economic burden of disease on individuals, families and the nation especially in not so rich country like ours.

Awareness Survey

A pilot survey about the awareness on Osteoporosis and Arthritis in NCR.

Hip Fracture Survey

A pilot survey is being conducted on Osteoporotic hip fracture cases after one year of fracture to know the survival and status of patients

General Practitioner & Quacks Education & Training

AFI is releasing a set of 6 booklets, covering all the aspects of bone problems in brief which guides a general practitioner about the common day to day problems in orthopaedics that they confront in their OPD’s and the various treatment plans that are available in a very simple and illustrative manner.

Osteoporosis in Workplace Programme

Bone health checkup camps are being conducted at various offices in Delhi and NCR region highlighting the importance of Bone health and how people at workplaces can take up lifestyle changes even while working which would prevent bone health problems in future. Camps have been organized very successfully in various banks colleges, police stations, private & public sector offices. AFI awards a certificate of bone health responsible organiastion after giving them few guidelines about how to make the work place environment bone health friendly.

Release of booklet on exercise theme on World Osteoporosis Day 2006

AFI released a booklet on theme “Exercise” Move it or lose it ! for strong bones. The booklet was released by Mr. Bishen Singh Bedi (Former Captain, Indian Cricket Team) at India Habitat Centre on 30th November 2005. The booklet has scientific inputs about how exercises make the bones strong and also some photographic illustrations about bone friendly exercises.

Distribution of Osteoporosis Education Kits

Information Booklets, Posters for Doctors clinics & One-minute risk test leaflets sponsored By GSK on Osteoporosis were distributed to 7000 doctors across the country

Establishing call centre & Creating Network of Regional :

Consultants/Specialist all over India

In response to the TV ad we received thousands of inquiries about bone health from not only India but even our neighbouring countries like Nepal & Pakistan . The patients were guided to take free guidance from our network of Doctors

National TV advertising Campaign Developed by Mccann

Chief Minister of Delhi Ms Sheila Dixit released the Manniquin TV advertising CD of "India Wide Campaign" on 20th October 2004 that was World Osteoporosis Day. The mannequin Ad had a very successful airing on most of the major TV channels in India for two spells.

Launch of AFI Website

Yoga & Lifestyle Camps

AFI organised a weeklong Yoga Training and Exhibition camp to mark ‘World osteoporosis day 2003’ in Collaboration with Bapu Nature Cure Hospital, Patparganj Delhi. Yoga Camp to prevent osteoporosis inaugurated by local elected legislator Mr. Amrish S Gautam. Also seen are Dr. Mrs. Nair Director of Hospital, Chairman AFI Dr. Sushil Sharma & Mr. Harsh Sharma Trustee AFI.



Are conducted by AFI for poor& underprivileged at three spots in Delhi, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, Daryaganj and Krishna Nagar Ongoing Bone Health Education, Awareness, Detection & Treatment camps on regular basis in

Delhi & Other Places

a) Delhi- Mayur Vihar
Old Age Homes
Institutions Like Banks, Colleges, Court, Police stations, National School of Drama
Market Places/Shopping Centers
Hospitals & Nursing Homes
Juggi Jhopdis & Resettlement colonies
b) Chennai Malls/Shopping areas
Hospitals & Nursing Homes
Market Places
Juggi Jhopdis
c) Calcutta Malls
Hospitals & Nursing Homes
Market Places
Juggi Jhopdis
d) Village Goverdhan
e) Mathura
f) Gwalior – Camps at Gwalior Children Hospital & adjoining areas


Delhi- Mayur Vihar
Village Goverdhan