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One-Minute Risk Test

1 Is getting up from a seated position, or standing up for a long time while cooking, a painful experience?  Yes  No
2 Does the nagging knee pain disturb your night sleep?  Yes  No
3 Do you have difficulty in routine household activities?  Yes  No
4 Is the pain & difficulty in activities there for more than three months?  Yes  No
5 Do you feel continuous or intermittent stiffness & swelling in the joints?  Yes  No
6 Do you avoid climbing stairs because of pain in joints?  Yes  No
7 Is going for family outings & attending prayers meeting becoming more and more difficult?  Yes  No
8 Is any of the parents or grandparent suffering from Arthritis?  Yes  No

You Need a Doctor Treatment

» The consultation of specialist may vary from centre to centre.
» For correct diagnosis & treatment consultation on Telephone/Email/Post are not encouraged.
» You are free to consult any specialist of their choice other than AFI list.
» Diagnosis & Treatment advised by Specialist is his/her personal opinion & AFI is not responsible for that.

Yes No

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, it does not mean that you have osteoporosis. Diagnosis of osteoporosis can only be made by a physician through a bone density test. We recommend that you show this test to your doctor, who will advise whether further tests are necessary. The good news is that osteoporosis can be diagnosed easily and treated.