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Oesteroporosis - Tips

Babies are born with more than 300 bones in their body. As we grow into adults, some of the bones grow together - an adult skeleton has 206 bones.

Bones are alive! They are growing, living tissue. Bones are constantly renewed throughout our lives through a process called resorption. A process called formation then adds to the bones.

When children are little, their skeletons re-new themselves every 2 years!

Bones are actually hollow - the inside of a bone is filled with bone marrow, which is then protected by the hard, outer surface of the bone.

Oxygen is carried around our bodies by red blood cells, which are made by the bone marrow.

The smallest bone is in the ear. It is called the stirrup bone and is the size of half a grain of rice.

The biggest bone is in the leg. It is called the femur or thighbone.

The strongest bone in the skeleton is the jawbone.

Over half the bones in the skeleton are found in the hands and feet. The hand alone has 27 bones - in each one, your face has 14!

Avoid squatting & sitting cross legged on the floor.

Avoid bending your knees for a long time.

Avoid jogging &very brisk walking, although gentle walk is good for joints

Always put on cushioned sport shoes for long walk.

Always use cushioned slippers for domestic use.

Use western commode instead of Indian seat.

While on a treadmill do not exceed speed limit of more than 3.5-4km / hour

Avoid Smoking , Regular alcohol intake, not more than 30 ml/ day, four days a week is permitted.

Include at least one fresh fruit & have two servings of fresh vegetables (salads )everyday.

Weight bearing & stretching exercises like field games (hockey, football, cricket etc) and walking make bone strong.

Encourage at least 40 minutes of sun exposure every day, it helps in synthesis of Vitamin D in our body.

Pay attention to calcium rich diet & supplementation right from the childhood to prevent Osteoporosis in adulthood.